Sri Lankan bridal wedding jewellery

The wedding jewellery comprises of Nalalpata, which is a gem studded hair accessory. The piece is crafted is gold and is usually studded with red stones. There are also other embellishments for hair with symbols of sun and moon which the bride wears. These depict eternity and symbolize a fulfilling relation between the couple. The neck jewellery comprises of multiple chains and each of them has beautiful pendants crafted in local designs. A minimum of seven chains are worn by the bride. The last chain which is the longest is called Peti Malaya and represents a garland of flowers. The patterns for pendants are inspired by animals and nature and often include designs such as flowers or swans. Swans symbolize purity and are considered to be auspicious.

Sri Lankan bride after her wedding
The bride enters her husband’s house in a red saree when they return from their honeymoon.

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